Use less text on mobile! Welcome to Rosalie House Wines & The Cellar Door Restaurant


    This is it! Rosalie House’s first blog on our brand new website. It is a proud moment reflecting our commitment to share our vineyard, and ultimately, all things wine with you!   We are so excited to be selling good wine, fine wine, online and at the Cellar Door, to not only people of the Darling Downs at Toowoomba or Queensland in general, but Australia-wide.


    And if it’s good times, great food and excellent service you want, let us tell you about the great get-togethers happening at the Cellar Door Café. Whether you want the intimate dining experience, the rowdy & good-natured group booking, or the relaxed family outing, come for a drive!  The sunset views across the Lilyvale Valley from the verandah are the icing on the cake.   Rosalie House Vineyard might be a small winery nestled in the beautiful Lilyvale Valley at Meringandan, but we have big dreams and want you to be part of those dreams.

    Closely linked to the Vine

    Did you happen to see the boss’s photo on our About Us page? A Social Vigneron is a French term for a person who cultivates grapes for wine-making. And this is what Doyle Thompson is - a Social Vigneron with a fancy French title, (which he hates by the way!) who loves to share his passion through his beautiful property, and loves to talk about his Vineyard to anyone interested.  He knows how to grow grapes, make wine and believes in the value of his knowledge to you – the consumer. And he knows other excellent Social Vignerons from whom he buys wine to sell under the Rosalie House label.  

    This is why we believe you will love getting to know us!

    Until next time... chink chink & bon appetite