The Heart Behind

Rosalie House

Rosalie House, an original Queenslander homestead across the way, with the adjoining Vineyard, sits at 510 metres above sea level on the eastern edge of the Darling Downs. 

Restored by Doyle and his father Don, this beautiful railway cottage, originally from Toowoomba, pays homage to the rich local history the Thompson Family are so passionate about. The Cottage, now Cellar Door & Restaurant, like the rest of us here, call the picturesque Lilyvale Valley and fruitful vines home.

Rosalie House is known for creating a destination with great food and good vibes, if you have a group or it's just a romantic night for the two of you make sure you come see what everyone is talking about!

Doyle and Vicki Thompson, with their three daughters, Renee, Teshla and Emily (with the assistance of  Grandchildren and Jetty the #WineDog) hand planted the now vines we see today, in the rich black soil of the region in 2005. Henceforth,  it’s been a labour of love caring for the vines, having the grapes harvested and produced into delicious local wine. 

A Social Vigneron is a French term for a person who cultivates grapes for wine-making. And this is what Doyle Thompson is - a Social Vigneron with a fancy French title, (which he hates by the way!) who loves to share his passion through his beautiful property, and loves to talk about his Vineyard to anyone interested.  He knows how to grow grapes, make wine and believes in the value of his knowledge to you – the consumer. And he knows other excellent Social Vignerons from whom he buys wine to sell under the Rosalie House label.

Renee is our general manager and uniform fashionista, along with Vicki, our kitchen mum and creator of kitchen classic goodies.

With an extensive background in hospitality and a passion for old style country charm, The Thompson family invites you into their self built piece of serenity and to enjoy a piece of their heart.